Become your best self from home with online psychiatry!

Meet Dr. McKenna!

Meet Dr. McKenna!

Highly trained, double boarded psychiatrist offering online appointments for your convenience!

  • Looking to get some support and answers?

  • Need some help but not sure where to turn?

  • Need to find someone you can see even if you are busy or traveling?

With our telemedicine practice, you have the opportunity to see Dr. McKenna at your home, your office or wherever you see fit. She will complete a comprehensive assessment and together you will come up with a treatment plan! You can avoid the stress of traffic and parking and see her online. If you prefer, we can set up an in-person visit in her St. Petersburg office.

You are in the right place...

Dr McKenna is so diligent, caring and understanding. Amazing doctor!   -Verified Patient Review

Dr McKenna is so diligent, caring and understanding. Amazing doctor!

-Verified Patient Review

What's Everyone Saying?

"Dr. McKenna is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I trust her judgment and recommend her to anyone seeking psychiatry services!"

"Dr. McKenna took the time to really understand what was going on with me and I'm finally starting to do much better!"

"By far the best Psychiatrist I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen my fair share of Psychiatrists. Dr. McKenna listens, is compassionate and is very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Dr. Rachel McKenna to anyone looking for an amazing doctor that you can trust and rely on. She’s simply the best!"

"Thank you so much. You have really impacted my life and health in many ways over the past few months. You have a true gift for what you do."

"Thank you so much for setting up this practice. The format makes my girl feel safe when visiting you - I was so encouraged that she wanted to meet with you on her own."