My Love for Psychiatry & Telemedicine


Right from the start, I fell in love with psychiatry. I'm impressed with my patient's strength and courage. Every single patient has taught me something and I'm grateful for their ongoing wisdom and trust.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about what I do. I strive daily to be the best that I can be for each of my patients. It's incredibly rewarding to get a call from a parent about their child's new friend or an email from a patient about their promotion.

I promise that I will work hard to help you too!

Why the Online Practice?

I started my practice in a traditional office setting in Miami. But soon enough, it became clear that long commutes, traffic and parking were taking away from the experience. I think it is so important that everyone has access to care that works for them. I didn't want these barriors to prevent anyone from getting the treatment that they needed.  

I gradually transitioned to what is referred to as a "telemedicine" practice. In an effort to offer treatment to more people while also minimizing travel time, missed work/school and inconvenience, I started to offer online appointments. Although some people weren't sure about the change, it became clear very quickly that this was an option that eliminated a lot of stress. I believe that it shouldn't be so difficult to get help - especially when you have the strength to ask for it! I still offer in-person days but the majority of visits tend to be online.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of providing medical care through teleconferencing software. With recent advances in technology, telemedicine is now more popular than ever.

Our practice communicates with patients through VSee. This is an application approved for medical visits to ensure safety and privacy. These appointments are clinical visits but instead of meeting in an office, the visit is from the comfort of your own home/office. If your treatment plan includes medication, these will be sent electronically directly to your pharmacy.

VSee can be easily downloaded onto your computer, smartphone or tablet. To register for an account on, you simply need to 'sign up' with your name and email. At the time of your appointment, open the application and wait for our call.

The Details about Dr. McKenna


Dr. McKenna (previously Dr. Metheny) is a child, adolescent and general psychiatrist who has worked in a variety of clinical settings. After graduating in high standing from an accelerated and combined undergraduate/graduate school at the University of Missouri, Dr. McKenna completed her internship and residency at Washington University in St. Louis. Upon graduating from her residency in general psychiatry, Dr. McKenna continued her education at Washington University by completing a fellowship in child & adolescent psychiatry. During her medical training, she was promoted to Chief Physician.

Dr. McKenna has been a leader within the psychiatric community. During her fellowship, she was selected to the Regional Executive Committee of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. She also served as the psychiatric quality improvement chair at Washington University.

Dr. McKenna's experience includes working with children and adults of all ages. She has worked in specific clinics for autism, psychosis, mood disorders, ADHD, eating disorders and behavioral disorders. She enjoys working with teachers, parents and other clinicians to provide the best treatment for her patients.